My inspiration stems from the natural world, internal and external.
I'm intrigued by the intersections of science and spirit. Where biology meets the alchemy of human experience.
How we perceive and integrate our surroundings is neurological, individual and spiritual.
My work explores the transformative effect of specific moments and locations,
particularly the aspects of perception, memory and emotions.
Our moments are both temporal and ethereal, and we are the intermediary.
We imprint them, and they in turn, shape us. 

I am drawn to patterns and processes in the body and my surroundings that reflect and affect each other.
The macrocosm and microcosm of universal order and elements around and within us,
from celestial to terrestrial, we are a reflection. We are, indeed, stardust. 

I integrate various media - encaustic, photography, printmaking, drawing, collage, metal, etc.
The imagery used connects and contrasts site specific observation, natural patterns,
biological structures and functions, DNA mapping, cosmos, and topography.